I am a research scientist at INRAE, UMR TETIS, Montpellier, France, working on artificial intelligence for remote sensing applications in agriculture, ecosystems and environment.

Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher at IMAG mathematics laboratory in Montpellier, France, working with Joseph Salmon at the EPS (probability and statistics) team and funded by the CAMELOT (CooperAtive MachinE Learning and OpTimization) chair. I also did a 2-year post-doc in 2020 and 2021 at IRIT in Toulouse, France, in the context of the ERC project FACTORY, coordinated by Cédric Févotte.

I obtained my PhD in November 2019 from University of Rennes 1, supervised by Rémi Gribonval at Inria Rennes.

Before that, I obtained a double degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Campinas (Bachelor) and Ecole Polytechnique (Dipl. Ing.) in 2014 followed by a Master’s degree from University of Campinas in 2016, supervised by Renato R. Lopes. I also have over two years of R&D experience at Idea! Electronic Systems, UPMC and Schneider Electric.

My recent research activities lie on the frontier between signal processing, machine learning and convex optimization.

Main research topics:

  • Matrix/tensor factorization
  • Non-smooth optimization
  • Sparse signal/image processing
  • Multi-dimensional data modeling

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Recent posts

News: seminar at ML-MPT in Montpelier

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I’ll be giving a seminar on April 1st, 15h00, for the Machine Learning in Montpellier, Theory & Practice (ML-MTP) event: